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Avid Power--Smart tools better life

Everything starts with a simple idea, that is, we hope our smart tools can be your excellent helper for your various household projects. Thus, we decide to develop the best tools to make your life simpler and better.


This tire pump does everything it promises. It makes checking tire pressure and inflating to the target PSI a breeze. The only thing that had me perplexed was that the operations manual was a bit confusing, but once figured out, it is a breeze to use. Much more efficient and pleasant then check pressure, inflate, check pressure, etc.


Nice leaf blower! I appreciate the 20V battery, which lasts a lot longer than the older large batteries that leaf blowers used to come with. It is high speed and light weight. Really does a good job, even on wet leaves with sleet and rain.


OUTSTANDING service and product warranty. Great quality in product. I purchased an oscillating tool and was really satisfied with the item, I did however have a minor problem with one of the attachments. Contact with the service department led to an immediate response of a replacement of the attachment. VERY satisfied with the overall experience. I would definitely purchase additional products from this company.

Michael Jasik